On False Claims

A Message From Lawrence Krauss on False Claims

We all live in a world influenced by ubiquitous social media, where unsubstantiated claims can be repeated as ‘facts’ and then used by some as tools of hate, to argue for cancellation or censorship of individuals or ideas. We should be encouraging the free exchange of ideas, rather than censoring those who present them because we either disagree with the ideas or because we may not like what we have heard about them. Public figures have become targets for such efforts at cancellation. People’s lives are being destroyed by this hate mongering. Moreover, we are degenerating into a society where people are residing within their own echo chambers. There is now an ill-conceived notion that even interested audiences should be deprived of having access to certain speakers and ideas.

Unfortunately, while allegations may be publicized there is little incentive in a world of ‘click bait’ monetization for media to publicize evidence that refutes false claims. Following initial social media reports in 2018, Professor Krauss’s home institution stated that there had never been any complaints about him by any of his students, his faculty colleagues, his research assistants, or anyone who attended any of the events he organized during the 10 years he was there. Allegations later reported to Professor Krauss’s home institution were either unsubstantiated, or later explicitly shown to be false. Lawrence Krauss has been an acclaimed and beloved researcher, teacher and lecturer, and one of the most accomplished scientists-writers in the world today. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have benefitted from his work, and continue to voice their thanks and support.